the staff of BB Academy

About Us

Welcome to the exciting world of cosmetology! At the BB Academy of Cosmetology, we take our passion for beauty and styling and put it into each and every lesson that we teach. Our students will not only be prepared as stylists, but also as artists once they graduate.

At BB Academy of Cosmetology, we noticed a gap in the beauty industry. Students who graduated cosmetology school were thrown into the work force and not equipped with many of the tools needed to grow into their own artistry. That’s when Adriana Bomova decided to create a school that helps students learn how to develop their own style.


Here, you will develop your style and craft to help you succeed in the industry. With the help of our award-winning teachers, you’ll be able to express your creativity through your work, and have a portfolio to show after your time with us.

We’re different from other cosmetology schools. We don’t just focus on cookie-cutter techniques, but instead encourage our students to develop their own style. Our school offers courses in hair care, styling, chemical services, and advanced techniques such as balayage, color melting, and more. We also provide our students with information about career opportunities and teach them life skills in the industry. We don’t just give you the base skills you need in the beauty industry, we also walk you through the ins and outs of running your own business and also give you skills you would only learn on-the-job.

We also help with career assistance for our students. At the end of their time at school, each student has the opportunity to showcase their work. Salon owners are invited as audience members, and will be able to see how our students have progressed through the year. In addition, we’re extremely pro-active when it comes to career assistance, which means that we offer every opportunity to our students to get involved in this industry.

Cosmetology is an art, and we take that to heart