Fall Beauty Trends 2017: Red is Hot

People across the globe are paying close attention to the runways when seasons change to figure out what the hottest color will be. This information not only keeps them on trend, but also offers cues on what purchases to make.

Working in the beauty industry makes it pertinent to understand these trends as you’ll likely see an influx of requests to deliver hair and makeup that matches.

For 2017, the hot color of the fall season is red.

In the past years we’ve seen a lot of burgundy and other dark shades making their mark in the autumn season but this year, we have a refreshing update with bright red flooding the runways in fashion, accessories, lips and even a hint of crimson in the locks.

Demand Attention with Red Lips

New make-up trends are one of the most followed fashions today. Clients are visiting makeup artists for special occasions or just a night out when they want to look ‘on fleek’. Delivering the hottest looks means updating a few items in your makeup bag. This season be sure you’re carrying a few shades of red lipsticks from bright ruby to orange tone reds and darker smoky reds.

Be Bold with Red Nails

Moving into the fall season typically means moving away from fun, bright summer nail colors and opting for darker, burnt shades that mimic the colors of falling foliage. With this season’s hottest color being red, you’re sure to get lots of requests for a fall red manicure. Opt for moody reds that have a bit of darkness to them but are still bold enough to make a statement.

Make a Statement with Red Hair

Fall is typically a time when clients will sit in your chair and ask to change things up for the new season. Whether you’re transitioning the customer out of summer highlights or adding some subtle hand painted hues to their tresses, you’ll want to keep in mind that shades of red can range from cinnamon to mahogany or merlot. Be sure to guide clients for the best option based on their skin tone and desired end result.

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