Halloween & The Rise of Special Effects Makeup

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Most of those in the beauty industry are well aware of the increased chair traffic they’ll likely see around Wedding and Prom seasons as well as the holidays. But many may now also start to see beauty clients coming through their door for another service: Special effects makeup.

Thanks in some part to the popularity of social media and online make-up vloggers, it’s become more and more commonplace to see wild, fantasy make-up being used to celebrate Halloween.

If you’re in beauty school or planning your future in cosmetology, be sure to get some background and knowledge around special effects make-up.

What is Special Effects Makeup

Special effects make-up also known as Special FX, creates realistic fantasies using make-up and a combination of latex or silicone prosthetic sculpting and molding. Applications to create things like wounds, mutations, and more are typically used. While first made popular on movie sets, today make-up artists are also using this skill for film, theater and other projects.

Blending materials into the skin and then covering them with makeup and other special paints to create the illusion that the creation naturally exists is what makes special effects makeup so mesmerizing and highly demanded.

History of Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup Scary Pumpkin

For makeup artists who don’t specifically work in film or on sets doing special effects makeup, there are still applications when the skills can be used. Halloween is one example where a growing demand for special FX makeup to complete a costume is becoming a regular occurrence.

Since using a simple mask over one’s face with their costume is no longer unique, people are turning to makeup artists to instead transform their own faces into one that’s had it’s mouth violently ripped open and then sewed back together, for example, to take their Halloween spirit to the next level.

In recent years, and especially as social media disseminates new ideas and creations, demands for over-the-top and gory special effects makeup for Halloween are on the rise. Can you deliver on spooky if a client sits in your chair and requests it?

At BB Academy, our 8-week MAC approved workshop includes a session on special effect makeup ensuring our students have the training and cutting-edge techniques to help them not only at cosmetology school, but also in their lifelong careers.

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