The Secrets of Using Social Media to Grow Your Beauty Career

Saying that social media has transformed every aspect of modern life is a pretty accurate statement. Everything we do today – from our business to personal lives – in some way includes use of social media. Whether it’s keeping in touch with family and friends, promoting a business, or just watching videos that interest you, social connections happen daily.

For the beauty industry, things have really taken off in the last decade. From professionals leveraging the medium to grow brand awareness to novice teens filming their opinion on beauty products from their bedroom for massive amounts of viewers and followers across the globe.

If you’re building a business or expanding your portfolio, you cannot disregard the power of social media to get yourself out there and recognized.

Here are some tips on how to use social media to grow your beauty portfolio.

Get Accounts on Relevant Platforms

All social media is technically “relevant” when it comes to trying to reach eyeballs and gain recognition but there are some sites that have a heavier following when it comes to beauty like YouTube and Instagram. But that doesn’t mean leaving Twitter or Snapchat, which is increasingly growing in weight among social media contenders, behind. Consider making your handle (username) the same across the board to start creating a brand users can easily find and follow.  And encourage followers to subscribe to all accounts by offering different media on each.

Get Comfortable with Sharing

One of the biggest uses for social media channels across the board is to share and connect with other users. That means being comfortable about putting your work and your own face out there for people to connect with. Creating a loyal bond with followers is similar to established brands striving to connect with potential customers. If people like the pictures or videos you’re posting and like, share and talk about them, you’ll quickly see how your name becomes recognized throughout the industry. Be careful though, oversharing or being insensitive online can quickly harm your reputation. If you wouldn’t act a certain way to customers at an in-person job, you shouldn’t act that way online.

Stay in School

There’s an interesting clash happening today between those professionally trained beauty experts and self-taught beauty vloggers regarding which should be considered credible enough to teach the masses about beauty. While there are advantages to both sides of the coin, nothing trumps education.  Especially if you’re wanting to grow a business and make money in the industry. Your skills are important but proof that you’ve gained knowledge like proper sanitation and techniques from a trusted source has more guarantee for the longevity of your beauty career.

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