So You Want to Be a Stylist? Here are Some Tips You Should Know

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a career in cosmetology, you’re probably starting to think about what you’ll do after you finish schooling. While the opportunities are endless in the space, each industry has its own unique demands. Stylists, for example, require the ability to communicate well while staying abreast of current trends. If your future involves working in a salon here are some tips you should know.

Education is Key

Attending cosmetology school is the best first step you can take at succeeding in this future career. Choosing a quality education with instructors who deliver expert, up-to-date and hands-on training is critical. You’ll need to learn the basics but you’ll also need to get real-life experiences under your belt to truly master working at a salon and being a stylist.

Build Work Ethics

Having strong work ethics is just as important as knowing how to cut and style hair. Especially in a salon, being late for client appointments, or feeding into personal drama is never acceptable. Being successful in a stylist role requires organization, punctuality and friendliness while still being creative and artistic.

Find a Salon That Fits

Every salon has its own focus, type of clientele, and “norms.” Once you’re ready to settle into a long-term role, you should take time to assess a salon before making the decisions to work there.  Keeping your client list growing requires a commitment to a salon and you’ll want to be sure the way business is handled at that location is what you envision for yourself.

At BB Academy of Cosmetology, we have a passion for beauty and styling. We use that desire to drive every lesson we teach. Our students leave here prepared to be stylists and artists. We aim to build your experience as well also your passion for this industry.