Beauty School Curriculum

The curriculum offered at the BB Academy of Cosmetology combines both practice and theory to create a well-rounded education for any student interested in the industry. We go over the history of cosmetology, career opportunities, and also cover hair care, styling, spa techniques, and more.

We’ve outlined our curriculum below, which is divided in a series of lessons meant to give you the fundamentals you need in order to succeed. Not only will we teach you techniques for the job, but we’ll also familiarize you with state and federal guidelines that you need to know in the beauty industry.

view of the bb academy school practicals area

learn the skills to succeed

Lesson 1: Theory
(15 hours of theory/20 hours of clinical)

In this lesson, we cover the history of cosmetology, career opportunities in cosmetology, communication skills that you’ll need on the job, and life skills that you’ll need in the beauty industry. In addition, we’ll also explain the importance of maintaining a professional appearance for succeeding in interviews and on the job. We’ll go over what we mean by “professional appearance,” and give you real-world advice when it comes to the industry.

We’ll also cover infection control, and standard principles and practices in the industry.

Lesson 2: Hair care, styling, chemical services, and general science
(140 hours theory/1,150 hours clinical)

For the second phase of lessons, we cover practical applications when it comes to hair care and styling. We look at general anatomy and physiology, skin structure, growth and nutrition, and also cover skin disorders and diseases. Our school also looks at the properties of the hair and scalp, and examines the basics of chemistry and electricity for application in the industry.

In addition, we’ll also look at hair design, scalp care, and the properties of shampoo and conditioner. You’ll also learn the basics and finer points of hair cutting, styling, braiding, and extensions. We’ll also cover wigs, and hair additions along with chemical services, permanent weaving, relaxing, coloring, and foiling.

Lesson 3: Spa techniques for skin and nails
(30 hours theory/120 hours clinical)

During this third section, you’ll learn all you need to be able to do manicures and pedicures. You’ll also learn about nail tips and raps, and also about monomer liquid and polymer power nail enhancements. We’ll also cover UV gels.

In addition to nails, we also look at facial techniques, facial makeup and eyebrow shaping. We also cover hair and hair removal.

Lesson 4: Professional development
(15 hours theory/10 hours clinical)

In our last section of teaching, we cover what you need to know in order to land a job in the industry. We’ll look at resume building, how to interview, and also examine employment opportunities available. In addition, we’ll look at salon business and the practicalities of running a salon.

We also look at expectations on the job, state laws regarding salons, and also EEOC guidelines.